Sunday, July 6, 2014

GHS Harmony and Theory: Transposition

I grabbed this post from my theory blog. In Jazz Workshop we will be dealing with transposition on a day-to-day basis, so I thought it best to familiarize yourself with the concept. In an upcoming post, I will have a tutorial on the mechanics of transposing from a lead sheet. But for now...

GHS Harmony and Theory: Transposition: Transposition in music is simply the act of changing the key of an existing piece of music or musical passage. When dealing with band and or...

Music for Jazz Workshop 14-15

I will be adding files with leadsheets, audio examples and backing tracks to this blog. This post is simply an introduction to the site. This will be a classroom resource space for those of you planning on taking Jazz Workshop in the coming year.

Sandu is a great blues in the key of Eb (link to lead sheet)

Summertime The George Gershwin Classic. Perfect for both vocal and instrumental. 

Perdido A wonderful Duke Ellington composition that will introduce us to the AABA form.

Jumpin' with Symphony Sid - We learned this head arrangement by ear. Here are a couple of versions of the tune to satisfy your ears.

Salt Peanut- Dizzy Gillespie